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 Broken Moon

Parachute/Mercury 314 518 309-2
Released October 20, 1993

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1.  All Is Quiet - 4:45

2.  Constant As The Night - 4:18

3.  Just To See You - 4:19

4.  I'll Set You Free - 3:52

5.  Maybe Later - 3:50

6.  Pride And Hunger - 5:04

7.  Broken Moon - 5:11

8.  Dreams I Left Behind - 2:56

9.  Not Like You - 4:15

10.  I've Had It All - 3:39
11.  Open Your Heart - 3:27

12.  The Best Of Me - 3:22

Thoughts on Recording Broken Moon

Dan: We thought we were ready to make the follow-up to Walking On A Wire by early 1991, with more than 15 new songs in hand,  including I've Had It All, Pride & Hunger (with me singing lead), Writing On The Wall (with Eric singing lead), Rapt In You, Love Will Return, Something To Believe In, Not Like You, Turn Out The Lights (And Go To Bed), plus Please Baby Be On That Train, Wrong Way Down The Street Of Dreams and Pictures In a Magazine.  But Chameleon Records suddenly had closed its doors and restructured, switching distribution from Capitol to Elektra, and dropping all but one of the acts, including us.  Cocky in the wake of our 1990 success, we thought we'd have a new deal within six months.  We cut a nine-song demo with Jim Scott in April of 1991 and went to our first SXSW Conference to drum up business.  We toured constantly (almost 50,000 miles in 15 outings) and kept writing.  In the end, it would be two full years before Tom Vickers at Mercury signed us in early 1993.  Thank God we kept writing, and had come up with All Is QuietConstant As The Night, Just To See YouMaybe LaterBroken MoonOpen Your Heart and Dreams I Left Behind in the ensuing two years. The songs came out so well that most of the older songs were either mothballed or saved for other albums.  I guess we weren't as ready as we thought.

Eric: By 1993 when we started to record Broken Moon we had something to prove, with a great deal of pressure to live up to what many critics, fans and music business people had termed, in that oh-so-polite way, "great potential." Two days into recording, we had to fire the band that had been with us since the release of "WOW" and start again with new blood. It was scary and disconcerting but, in retrospect, stimulating and exactly the right thing to do. Once again, Jim Scott helped us to believe we could get through it and we did. There were truly magical moments: the afterthought of a piano part on the song "Broken Moon", the one-take vocal (after numerous false starts and a dinner break!) on "Just To See You", the live recording of "The Best of Me", among many others.

Jim Scott: "It's a greatest hits album."

L&N in 1992Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Jim Scott

Eric Lowen - Acoustic, electric, slide and 12-string guitars, keyboards, vocals

Dan Navarro - Acoustic & high-string guitars, keyboards, percussion, vocals

Richard Dodd - Cello     Simeon Pillich - Acoustic & electric bass     David Raven - Drums & percussion     Tad Wadhams - Electric bass (I'll Set You Free, Broken Moon)      Jonathan Norton - Drums (I'll Set You Fre, Broken Moon)     Phil Parlapiano - Accordion & mandolin     David Navarro - Electric guitar (Pride and Hunger)     Mark Goldenberg - Electric & acoustic guitars (I'll Set You Free, All Is Quiet, Maybe Later)     Eddie Muñoz - electric guitar (Constant as the Night, Dreams I Left Behind)      Susanna Hoffs - Harmony vocals (I'll Set You Free)     Derek Nakamoto - Keyboards (Broken Moon; I've Had It All)     Ethan James - Hurdy gurdy (Pride and Hunger)     Debra Dobkin - Percussion (Just to See You; Open Your Heart; Dreams I Left Behind)     Rick Sailon - Violin (Dreams I Left Behind)     Garner B. Thomas - Saxophone (Open Your Heart)     Jim Scott - Castanets (I'll Set You Free)

David Navarro appears courtesy of American Recordings
Susanna Hoffs appears courtesy of Columbia Records

Dedicated to Thelma Johnson Lowen and Josephine Lucero Navarro

Recorded May 10-28, 1993 at Skip Saylor Recording, Los Angeles, CA; Entourage Studios, N. Hollywood, CA; Clear Lake Audio, N. Hollywood, CA; and Sounder, Granada Hills, CA. Assisted by Louie Teran, Colin Mitchell, Gordon Suffield, Teresa Caffin, Oscar Contreras and Sandy Solomon.

Mixed May 29-June 6, 1993 at Skip Saylor Recording, Los Angeles, CA and Pacifque Studios, N. Hollywood, CA. Assisted by Eric Flickinger, Chris Puram and Sean Rowbottom.

Mastered June 14, 1993 by Alan Yoshida at A&M Studios, Hollywood, CA.

© 1993 PolyGram Records, Inc.

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